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Learning, Teaching and Partnering With the Right People
How close to retirement are you?
When it comes to retirement, why wait until you are in your 60s?  Our CFO, Curtis Sanders, retired in his 20s! 
Our mission is to successfully help our clients achieve their retirement goals by providing outstanding service, quality advice, educational tools, and professional planning tools.  
We strategically partner with experienced teachers, real estate investors, CPA's, estate-planning, asset protection, and advanced planning attorneys. 
Teaching, Learning, Training and Business Development
Come meet us and learn strategies on how to fix-and-flip real estate properties with us here in the Phoenix Arizona area. If you live out of state we have partners that can take you on a tour near your home. 

Fill out the form on the right so we can send you free tickets to one of our communities next fun learning events.

Experienced, practicing real estate investors with a true desire to share their knowledge, have plugged themselves into an amazingly powerful, proven educational system. These together, with your help, is a potent formula for success. 

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