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Learning, Teaching and Partnering With the Right People
  1. Financial Literacy Education
    Schools do not teach you what you need to know. Schedule a time to have a 30 minute financial review with a licensed professional that will help come up with a customized game plan for you and your business needs at no charge.
  2. Expert On Everything?
    If any one company says they are the expert on everything, RUN! The reason our members are so successful is because of the utilization of their many years of networking and finding the best of the best out there. When we need to learn something new, we call our experts.
  3. Business Development Support
    Need help setting up your LLC or S-corp? We have trusted experts that will take you by your hand and walk you step by step through the process. If you would rather us just do it for you, call us and we can discuss your options. Need aged LLCs? We can help with those also.
  4. Credit Score Education
    Your credit score is important. We have programs that help rebuild credit for your personal credit and also have programs designed to establish corporate credit that is not tied to your own personal credit score.
  5. Advanced Money Management Skills
    By combining the use of cash contracts, credit lines and credit scores we can teach you to both grow your savings and investment capital while simultaneously paying off your debt and a quicker rate using the exact same dollars.
  6. Debt Relief Strategies
    Strategic debt is okay but consumer debt is something we want to help you with. Using strategies that are used by the 1% we are able to teach people to pay off their debt in 1/3 the time using the exact same dollars.
  7. Marketing Toolkits
    There are a number of ways we can help you with your marketing. Both Ron and Curtis are Google AdWords Certified. One of the most cost effective way to market today is with Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. Check out our sister site.
  8. Strategic Partnerships
    Renatus Creative Wealth Solutions LLC Blue Gems Marketing, LLC Establish Business Capital .com CPAs Tax Attorneys Debt Relief Attorneys
  9. Free Property Rehab Tours
    We work with a group of successful real estate investors locally and all over the US. If you want to see how Real Estate Investing is done, and how you can make money with Real Estate then send us a message and we will tell you when the next tour near you is.
Here at Triple RRR Investments, we believe in multiple streams of income. Our team consists of practicing, local real estate investors, and I have a question for you... What would it be like to wake up naturally everyday (no more alarm clock), work when you want to, make as much money as you want, pay less in taxes, get out of bad amortized debt and still make $1,000 - $10,000 (or much more) a month doing it with no income cap? 

I know something about you already...If you are reading this message, that means you are searching for something, right? Let's be honest, nobody reads this far into a website about making money unless they are seeking something. 

Maybe you are:
Searching for a way out of your current W-2 job, 
Seeking greater time freedom, 
Exploring ways to make some extra money to pay for a big expense on the horizon,
Curious about the Real Estate industry and the best place to start, 
Searching for something and you are not sure what that really is...

Ask Us A Question

If the first part of this didn't make you hit the back button and you found yourself nodding your head in agreement, then you may be the person we are looking for. We have been in Real Estate since 2013. In that time, we have been involved in many disciplines within the industry. That includes participation in several thousand transactions. 

Here is the deal, my partners and I are looking to expand our local network with other entrepreneurial people. Our partners will be hosting a 90-minute event in North Scottsdale later this week in the evening, from 6:45 to 8:30.
If you have ever been interested in Real Estate Investing or Real Estate generally and you can imagine being a successful Real Estate Investor, then call my voicemail at 480-494-1610 and leave me your name (twice), and an email address (for directions to the event) and a time for me to call you in order to verify your info (3-5 minute call). If it is easier for you to text me the info I requested, do so to 480-494-1610. 

Please understand that the purpose of my verification call is to verify your information. I do not have the time to answer all your questions at that time. That is what the event is for. 

I look forward to speaking with you. 

Best Regards,