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Learning, Teaching and Partnering With the Right People
Triple RRR Investments
Triple RRR Investments is a 7-year active company in the Phoenix area.  It is the mission of Triple RRR Investments to provide real estate services in the newly established residence and retirement communities, located in the Maricopa and Gila counties of Arizona and provide education to individuals and businesses that want to learn the industry.  Triple RRR Investments LLC is a full-service real estate and business marketing company. 

Management Bios

Mr. Ronald Breitenbach is the founder and President of Triple RRR Investments.  He is a graduate of Aviation Maintenance and Repair College in Douglas, Arizona and graduated with Honors while receiving his Associate's degree in Business Management from Brown Mackie College 2010.  
Mr. Breitenbach has held employment with Boeing, America West Airlines, NASA, Horizon Airlines, Mesa Airlines, and B.F. Goodrich Aerospace Services.  Having many years of experience in sales, client relations and business development, Mr. Breitenbach helps share his knowledge through business consulting.  
Curtis W Sanders, CFO of Triple RRR Investments, is a seasoned Serial Entrepreneur, Broker, Business Development Professional, and Financial Expert who has quickly earned the reputation as a strategic leader across multiple industries. He is also widely known for his holistic, all-encompassing approach to providing clear-cut solutions for his clients through meticulously reviewing health, financial, tax, and legal risks with his dedicated team.
During his late 20s, Curtis harnessed the power of innovative money management strategies as well as his real estate investments and retired early. However, his entrepreneurial spirit continues to fuel his drive to not only thrive but to help others pave the road to enduring success along the way. Ultimately, he attributes his continued success to his goal-driven, go-getter attitude towards life and unwavering sense of dedication to actualizing his many ambitions.
In addition to financial consulting at Secure Estate Management, Curtis facilitated notable change in the company by implementing various cutting-edge tactics, resulting in lower overhead and twice the income in half the time while simultaneously reaching a relevant audience five times the size. Currently, he is also in the process of developing numerous start-ups throughout Arizona.
Furthermore, Curtis W holds his Life Insurance License and he is well-versed in various areas of the industry, including but not limited to:

Personal Bank Strategy
Estate Planning
Tax-Free Income
Guaranteed Lifetime Income
Debt Reduction
Wealth Preservation
Executive and Owner Bonus Plans
Eliminating Market Risk
Retirement Plans
Real Estate Investing Strategies.
Structuring Money Before Buying Real Estate
When he isn’t money strategizing, Curtis W Sanders loves exploring new places and different cultures. Most recently, he ventured out to the Bahamas. Between all the traveling and entrepreneurial ventures, he enjoys reading motivational books.
If you are interested in becoming your best version, then feel free to contact Curtis W Sanders using the form.